Jiu Jitsu Classes that Provide Results

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the known to be most effective martial art on planet and here at MJJ our Jiu Jitsu classes are streamlined to accelerate your skill set. Jiu Jitsu it is much younger form of martial art compared to many of the others. Jiu Jitsu classes around the world lack a standard curriculum because of this and many instructors will have their own techniques and methods of teaching. We have changed that here at MJJ.

At Miami Jiu Jitsu we have created a formal curriculum with different levels for all ages and levels of skill. We have put years of experience learned from multiple generations into this program to ensure it is the best out there. It has been built so students are able to absorb the methods and techniques at a faster rate and grasp the concepts. They are built in a sequence that makes sense based on difficulty and usefulness in actual combat.

When a new student takes Jiu Jitsu classes many are overwhelmed with what we call technique overload. Too much is thrown at them too quickly or they are tossed in with advanced students. While that works for some who are quick to learn, it is not suitable for all. Several months later the new student stops showing up for classes and his failure is blamed on his discipline. Here at MJJ we know that many times it is the school that has failed to properly present the classes or have a program that works for that student. We have perfected that for students of all ages and skill levels. Like the US marines we leave no man behind.


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All Jiu Jitsu classes are taught by our world class instructors with attention to safety. We demand that all students treat each other with respect. Jiu Jitsu commands honor and respect.

At MJJ we don’t just teach students how to fight and defend themselves we give them the confidence required so they will never need to.


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